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    Канада Канада


    In 1971 Kokatat began making paddle sports apparel and gear in Arcata, CA. Our founder and president, Steve O’Meara, recognized from the start that keeping production local was necessary in order to control quality and continually develop the finest and driest paddling apparel in the world. Today, over 90% of our annual revenue comes from the sales of products handmade in our Arcata factory (now 150 employees strong) and by our local and regional manufacturing partners. Yes, we do source items in Asia. But, only for products that do not have scalable infrastructure here in the US and to support our environmental commitment to Gaia® PVC free flotation foam for all our life vests, available exclusively through our Asian manufacturer.

    All Kokatat products are manufactured to our exacting quality standards, developed by paddlers for paddlers over more than 40 years. All our products are backed by a lifetime guarantee against defects in manufacturing or materials* and our repair service facility inside our Arcata factory is unsurpassed in our industry for customer satisfaction.

    Kokatat is proud of our contribution to the local Humboldt County economy. More than 90% of our global sales are generated from apparel and accessories manufactured in Arcata (California). Our long term employees have developed skills and techniques unique in the industry.

    Kokatat has been able to maintain a low carbon footprint, relative to many other brands of outdoor apparel that source goods offshore. In 2010 we activated one of the largest solar photovoltaic systems in the region, which powers much of our manufacturing equipment. We also employ strict water conservation practices throughout our factory. Named the 2010 Arcata Green Business of the Year, our company provides an established platform of green practices, social equity and economic vitality to the region.


    Kokatat is an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 company. This certification validates our commitment to quality product and to providing industry leading customer satisfaction under the guidance of a quality management system.

    Kokatat contact info and catalog request:


    5350 Ericson Way
    Arcata, CA 95521

    800.225.9749 - toll-free in the United States 
    707.822.7621 - international
    707.822.8481 - fax

    Ваш город - Москва,