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Кайт HQ Montana 7 (VII)

Производитель: HQ
Архив зимних кайтов
Размеры:600 x 500 x 400
3 кг.
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Ед. измерения:
Размер кайта:
3 358 328 руб.

Best light wind kite in the world!

Обновленная Монтана - 7 отвечает всем требованиям притязательного райдера. Высочайшее качество, одни из лучших характеристики и умеренная стоимость сделали этот кайт хитом среди европейских кайтеров.

Because HQ work hand in hand with a team of national and international riders, the HQ Montana 7 (VII) has been designed for the demands of the market. The all new Montana 7 is HQ's depowerable kite designed for the rapidly growing freestyle kite boarding market.

The new HQ Montana 7 has been adjusted once more for the ambitions and demands of land and snowkiters alike. The perfect light wind performance and easy handling in difficult conditions are the characteristics for the new range.

The Montana 7 has a predictable nature to give you the rider trust in your kite to push harder and go further. The reduced bridle line thickness, combined with technological influence from the paragliding industry, gives you a kite with more wind range than ever before.

The HQ Montana VII is a highly refined foil kite that combines stability and performance using developments in paragliding technology. A higher aspect ratio and more efficient profile provides increased de-power with quicker turning and faster flying speed.

Constructed without stiff mylar laminate sail cloth, the canopy is better able to absorb gusts for greater stability. The Montana 7 (VII) is easy to handle while offering high end performance for the demanding pilot. The bar system has been redeveloped and the new molded chicken loop offers increased safety and user-friendliness.

Riders will appreciate the redesigned molded chicken loop and the new TDS (Total Depower Safety) flagging line that provides an increased level of safety and simplified self-landing.

The control bar is clean and neat with single power strap equipped with a clam-cleat for easy adjustment. The depower strap is easy to reach at all times.

The "top hat" safety release is easy to reach, now located under the bar and effectively dumps the kite on the center-line bridle, folding the kite back and killing all power.

Even when fully powered up, bar pressure is light to moderate, giving good feedback and flying with one hand is easy.

The HQ Montana 7 delivers performance and reliability, along with the value for which HQ is well known. It’s a kite ideal for boarding on both land and snow offering good versatility and performance in a range of conditions.

By using a much softer and water repellent fabric, air drag has been reduced and the performance increased significantly. A new more efficient profile and new shape have led to improved stability. Lift and hangtime meet the highest demands of Snowkiters and Kite Landboarders.

The new speed system in the bridle has increased depower and reduced backstall. Wake-style riders will love the unhooked performance. Whether you just want to cruise or stoke people with freestyle manoeuvres, the HQ Montana 7 (VII) offers the potential to satisfy your expectations.

The new backpack is also more technical and offers attachment points for all kinds of boards, helmets and harnesses. Whether you want to explore the backcountry or focus on freestyle, the Montana V delivers.

Flat Span (sq m)
Aspect Ratio
Sail Material
Bridle material
Line Length
Line Strength (kg)
Sleeved Dymeema




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  • Размер кайта
    9м2, 12м2, 14м2


HQ Montana 7 (VII) Features:

  • Excellent de-power, very little bar pressure
  • Reduced bridle thickness for more performance
  • Dyneema Y-Shape Front Lines for Less Drag
  • Outstanding lift and hang-time
  • Re-designed 2-pulley system provides a huge depower range
  • Increased lift and stability for more hangtime
  • Increased wind range to keep you powered
  • Progressive pressure on bar provides better feedback
  • Highest Quality Construction
  • Fast turning speed
  • Excellent performance when un-hooked
  • Great upwind characteristics
  • Leash-less bar system
  • New water repellent sail material for more performance
  • Increased flying stability
  • Easy relaunch


  • State-of-the-art freestyle de-powerable kite.
  • Drastically increased depower with less bar pressure
  • Excellent lift and hang time with high turning speed
  • Redesigned composite control bar with chicken loop and safety-system
  • Easy handling & control for beginners to experienced kiters.
  • Extremely stable flying behaviour.
  • Manufactured to standards used for paragliders.
  • Dirt-outs – easy system to remove sand and water from your kite.
  • Anti tangle rotating bar-system.
  • Leash-less Safety System. After using the quick release the kite is ready to start again in a few seconds.
  • Secondary Safety-System at the chicken-loop.



  • High quality backpack.
  • De-power carbon control bar with coloured lines and Kite-killers.
  • Incl. Manual, Video CD, ground stake and guide card.

Comes complete with:

  • Pre-stretched bridle lines for even better performance.
  • HQ Montana 7 (VII) Depower Control Bar with flying lines and wrist leash safety system.
  • Waterproof Canvas Kite Storage Bag
  • Manual
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