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Best light wind kite in the world!
Счастливое катание НАВСЕГДА!
Кайт T5 был разработан, чтобы вызывать счастливую улыбку на лице кайтеров. Быстрый, по-настоящему удобный и отзывчивый, плюс с умопомрачительным реланчем. Что еще вам нужно! В этом году кайт стал еще более производительный!  Это еще один шаг вперед в сторону фрирайд ориентированных кайтов. РеОбновленная конструкция делает кайт еще более предсказуемым , с еще большей чувстивтельности на планке. Это особенно важно для катания на волне. Кроме того, огромный ветровой диапазон и стабильность в воздухе делает этот кайт один из самых привлекательных на рынке. Новый T5 также повысил аэродинамические возможности - меньшее сопротивление и отличное хождение против ветра. Мы повысили долговечность кайта использованием узких усиливающих панелей и дакроновых усилителей, что крайне важно для гонщиков. Новый Больший клапан позволяет накачать кайт быстро и легко. Теперь вы будете прыгать выше, ездить безопаснее и иметь больше удовольстивя в любых условиях катания!

Nobile already has a reputation for innovative technology, performance and quality and the new Nobile T5 Koinobori (555) Kite is no exception.


The Nobile T5 is a freeride kite designed to bring a smile to riders' faces. Fast, direct, responsive and forgiving, this kite delivers striking performance and incredible hangtime. Aerodynamics driven improvements, including a new profile, redesigned leading edge area, flattened wing tips and thinner bridle lines not only broadens the kite's wind range, but also benefits from astonishing low-end power and amazing upwind abilities.


Thanks to direct and responsive handling (even small input from the bar is quickly relayed back to the kite), T5 is also a perfect choice for wave riding.


The T5 features superior control and perfectly balanced bar pressure. The huge wind range, lift and hang time is combined with massive low-end power and quick re-launch capabilities.


If you desire an easy re-launching kite with outstanding power range, smooth and precise handling, focused on freeride but also suitable for big air, waves and even unhooked freestyle, then the T5 is a perfect choice.



To have it done properly, Nobile teamed up with aerodynamic engineers (their everyday job is to design plane wings) and together Nobile remade the T5 kite. The main goal was to improved the kite performance, while simultaneously maintaining those T5 characteristics that riders liked so much. The result is new, smoother profile of T5 – KOINOBORI is even more aerodynamic then previous versions.


All aerodynamics-driven improvements start from the new profile. Nobile have redesigned the leading edge area, included new, flattened Wing Tips, thinner bridles and steering lines. T5 - KOINOBORI is now much faster, and more stable at the same time, even in gusty wind conditions. Amazingly enough, the lift and hang time have also improved greatly. Incredible low-end wind performance also allows you to use kites smaller than usual, so now you have more versatile tool for your kiteboarding passion.


Additionally, side-strut kite valves have been moved to the outer sides of the struts, to gain the “catch – free” location. Now it’s almost impossible for the bridles to catch the valve when launching the kite.


The T5-KOINOBORI also features an innovative, reinforced bridles attachment points. The kite is now equipped with double layer of Dacron where it's most exposed to risk of breaking the leading edge. Reinforced V-attach mounting system featured in the crucial point of bridle’s attach area – makes the kite stronger. Good news for Kiteloop fans – no more problems with this feature!


The T5-KOINOBORI features superior, direct-feeling control, improved predictability, and perfectly balanced bar pressure. The huge wind range, lift and hang time remain, but with a massive improvement to the low-end power and re-launch capabilities.


If you desire an easy re-launching kite with outstanding power range, smooth and precise handling, focused on freeride but also suitable for big air, waves and even unhooked freestyle, then the T5-KOINOBORI is a perfect choice.



The Nobile 555 kite range may have a new name, new look and and new bridle configuration but the new Nobile T5 retains all of the characteristics that made its predecessor a test winner, whilst improving its versatility and appeal as a high performance freeride kite.

Through further development of Nobile's Natural Arc Technology, Nobile have reconfigured the SLE geometry to allow for the complete separation of the front and rear bridle sections, removing the connecting pulley.


The huge wind range, lift and hang time remain, but with a marked improvement to the low-end power and re-launch capabilities. Moving even further away from the classic bow drawbacks of heavy bar pressure, vague steering and poor unhooked performance, the Nobile T5 features superior, direct feeling control; improved predictability; and perfectly balanced bar pressure, whilst now providing near delta like re-launch ability.


The range and control of the Nobile T5 Koinobori means that the very real possibility of a one or two kite quiver has never been closer. The tuning options will help set up the kite to an individual´s needs. The choice of position for the back line attachment point will determine the de-power, back line pressure and turning speed characteristics of the kite, whilst the two-knot option, for attaching flying lines, offers riders a choice in positioning the bar close to the Fulcrum, or further up the de-power line, when riding comfortably.


All Nobile T5 Koinobori models are 100% unique, dedicated Nobile designs. Every single kite has been designed built and tested exhaustively to produce a model that is perfectly suited to the target rider/riding style. There is no scaling up or down of one test winning size - each kite has been specially developed for the conditions it will be ridden in, meaning the wind ranges overlap and the handling qualities are consistent from size to size.


Industry leading CAD/CAM software ensures that the approved prototypes are converted into production models with 100% accuracy.

If you want a kite with outstanding power range; clean, precise and direct handling; and easy re-launch, suitable for freeride, big air, wave riding or even unhooked freestyle, then the Nobile T5 delivers it all…


Who is the Nobile T5 Koinobori (555) Kite designed for?
Free-riders looking to boost their confidence with maximum versatility, huge wind range and direct bar sheeting with out the classic bow draw backs of heavy bar pressure, vague steering and poor unhooked performance. The Nobile T5 Koinobori (555) also features incredibly simple re-launch, superb ease of use and 4 line Hybrid simplicity to ensure your peace of mind in all

Why did Nobile make the Nobile T5 Koinobori (555) Kite?
Massive wind range allowing a two (or even one) kite quiver is a goal for us all, but until now achieving this meant too many compromises.


Their goal was to make a high de-power, easy to use kite that that still had good performance, but did not feature any of the drawbacks of some of the bow kites on the market.


How did Nobile do it?
Nobile kept the same Natural Arc they developed for other Nobiles kites. However, to enhance the range of the T5 Koinobori (555) Nobile used a 4 line SLE (Supported Leading Edge) Hybrid configuration. With careful placement of the bridle attachment points and some modification to its normal configuration we created a kite that delivers outstanding power range, clean and precise handling and fast, easy re-launch.


Huge air comes as standard with the Nobile T5 Koinobori along with unparalleled, direct, confidence inspiring handling – the perfect blend for free-ride use.


Natural ARC Shaping:
The Nobile T5 Koinobori (555) features Natural Arc shaping, the most aerodynamically efficient shape for a Leading Edge Inflatable (LEI) kite. The fluid form has several key benefits in performance and has been developed through extensive R & D and not marketing influence.


As there are no corners or radical changes of angle in the
leadng edge - the form is the same as the trailing edge of the kite ensuring that the designed profile is maintained across the entire canopy.


Another gain is that even tension is applied across the canopy eliminating all fluttering and flapping and greatly enhancing the kite’s stability. 

Structurally the lack of pressure points in the leading edge also greatly decreases the load on the bladder and seams thus reducing the chance of material failure.


Extended Depower Range:

Nobile unique SLE configuration on the Nobile T5 Koinobori (555) allows for increased de-power over conventional 5-line kites without having to resort to pulleys on the bar ends and the lack of feeling they bring as found on many bow kites.


By linking the forward and rear sections of the bridle with a pulley directly attached to the LE the centre of effort is allowed to shift forwards during de-powering whilst at the same time the front lines are able to move towards the centre of the kite exagerating the change in the angle of attack.


This enables Nobile to design in a far greater wind range (upper and lower wind strengths) into the T5 Koinobori (555) which in turn allows you to have less kites in your quiver.


Smart 2-Pump Inflation System:
The SMART (Single-point, Multiple-valve, Air-distribution with Removable Tubes) pump inflation system has been extensively modified for the new series. The uniquely designed valves and removable tubes, connecting the kite’s individual bladders, are now even more user-friendly for inflation and deflation and for removability in the event of bladder punctures or kite damage that needs repair.


Responsive, Direct Handling:
The already instant and positive feel of the Nobile T5 Koinobori (555) has improved with the separation of the front and back bridle. Bar pressure has been lightened, but without loss of predictability in power control and turning.


Quick and Intuitive Re-launch:
Re-launching the Nobile T5 Koinobori has never been easier. Minimal rider bar input sees the kite roll over and take off in any wind strength and from which ever position it is lying in.


Short De-power Throw:
The Nobile control bar and T5 Koinobori work together to ensure power control is progressive and predictable within a short de-power throw. Moving from maximum power to full de-power is achieved with a range of movement that is within easy, comfortable reach of the average rider.


4-line Simplicity:
Separating the front and back bridle and the removal of the pulley has made the light, direct feeling associated with the 555 even greater for the new Nobile T5 Koinobori . The single knot for the front line attachment eliminates fuss, whilst the two knots on the rear attachments offer riders a choice in positioning the bar close to the Fulcrum or further up the de-power line when riding comfortably.


Nobile T5 4-Line Control Bar:
Nobile’s 4 line control bar is one of the safest, most technologically advanced bars on the market. Nobile's new stainless steel (INOX) centre hole reduces wear on the de-power line, decreases bar pressure when turning the kite and provides uni-directional seating for the FULCRUM Quick Release, ensuring it’s always facing forwards when riding unhooked.


For 2013 Nobile have applied a new colour coded EVA texture to the upper side of the bar to increase grip and rider comfort. The highest of safety and ease of use come together as standard in the revolutionary Fulcrum Quick Release and the through bar leash attachment line means true re-ride performance whilst still allowing the kite to “flag” and de-power completely when released in case of emergency. All bars come with their own bag to help keep them clean and the lines tangle free, while the safety (HP) leash features a new clip complete with manual block to prevent accidental detachment.

Fully featured Kite Bag
The new Nobile kite bag is designed to keep your kite in perfect condition when not in use as well as provide a functional pack for each session. Dedicated external attachment points hold the bar and pump securely whilst in transit and both internal and external pockets provide plenty of extra storage space. A ¾ circumference zippered opening allows for quick and easy entry to the bag and base venting allows any water to drain out and air to circulate whilst your kite is in storage.

Key points:


  • 4 line simplicity
  • Huge range……awesome power yet massive de-power
  • Intuitive, fast re-launch
  • Huge lift and hang time
  • Controlled turning with a comfortable blend between axial and pivotal movement
  • Super stable gusty wind performance
  • Natural Arc Shaping with SLE Hybrid form.
  • Light yet still direct bar pressure (no pulleys)
  • Suitable for freeriding, wave riding and freestyle
  • FULCRUM Quick release
  • SMART pump inflation
  • 20m+5m line configuration


The Nobile T5 Koinobori (555) Kite complete kite package contains:


  • FULCRUM Quick Release
  • 20m+5m Flying lines
  • Ergonomic Carbon Control Bar
  • Safety Leash (with Quick Release)
  • XL Pump
  • Padded Backpack
  • Repair and Spares Kit
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